Teen Driver Safety

Parents will have the option of receiving email or text GeoFence Alerts if their teen's vehicle is taken out of a certain "safe" area. The GeoFence allows you to highlight important locations such as your teen's school, work or friends' homes and you will receive alerts when they enter or exit these locations.

HotRod Tracker also sends Safety Alerts that enable you to monitor your teen's safe driving behaviors. Our system tracks speed and alerts you when your teen exceeds speed thresholds. The HotRod Tracker detects and sends instant alerts for rapid acceleration, rapid starts, hard braking and harsh stops, giving you the ability to coach your teen and reduce unsafe driving behaviors.

Concerned parents can use HotRod Tracker's Live Online Tracking Platform to locate their teen's vehicle in a moment's notice and our Mobile Tracking Application allows you to monitor your teen even when you aren't in front of your computer. Additionally, you can view a complete virtual playback of your teen's driving history for the last 24 hours or for a given date range.

HotRod Tracker gives parents "Peace of Mind" in always knowing where there teen's vehicle is and where they have been.