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Each HotRod Tracker purchased by a customer includes the first two years of service along with full access to our Online Portal and Mobile Applications, with an option for the customer to renew their subscription annually for $99.00 or $9.99 per month. The Reseller will complete a paper agreement with the customer to purchase the HotRod Tracker.


HotRod Tracker's online/mobile portal is "White Labeled" to strengthen the bond between the Reseller and its customers. The Reseller can add their logo and various items to their customers' online mapping website, mobile application and email/text instant alerts. Items such as contact phone numbers, email addresses, links to their website to schedule service, print service coupons and view their inventory can be added.

HotRod Tracker will send email and text promotions and product updates, also branded with the Reseller's logo, to existing customers to enhance customer retention and to cross promote the Reseller. The Direct Advertising program is provided at no cost to the Reseller and will provide an estimated $400 in free online advertising per HotRod Tracker sold plus additional income generated from HotRod Tracker's Direct Advertising program.


The HotRod Tracker is priced lower than other industry tracking devices while offering a more robust solution that includes enhanced features such as:

  Instant Alerts

  Live Vehicle Tracking

  Historical Vehicle Tracking

  Mobile Application

  Direct Advertising to the Reseller's customers

For Reseller pricing, please call 610-419-2526 or email

The Reseller will determine the cost of the HotRod Tracker to their customers and their profit can range from $150 to $300 per HotRod Tracker sold.


The Reseller will sign an agreement with HotRod Tracker to resell the HotRod Tracker to their customers. Once the agreement is complete, the Reseller will work with HotRod Tracker to customize their Direct Advertising Program and will place an order for devices. Orders will be made on HotRod Tracker's online order page and order totals will be automatically ACH debited from the checking account provided to us by the Reseller.

The Reseller will be responsible for billing their customers for the HotRod Tracker purchase and for installing the HotRod Tracker in their customer's vehicles. HotRod Tracker will provide full training and support to the Reseller's installation team.

HotRod Tracker will be responsible for providing customer support and technical support to the Reseller's customers.


The Reseller will log into their HotRod Tracker account and will enter the customer's email address, a User ID and the MEID number assigned to the device being installed in their vehicle.

The customer will be sent a welcome email from HotRod Tracker with their User ID, a temporary/randomly generated password and our customer support contact information.

Once logged into their HotRod Tracker account, the customer will setup their Instant Alert settings and Account Preferences.